Holy trailer overload, Batman!

What’s up with the recent deluge of awesome trailers for (hopefully) awesome movies? Clash of the Titans, Ironman 2, Alice in Wonderland and now Shrek Forever After. And I’ll probably be seeing each and every last one of these movies too, especially Titans. I’m old enough to have seen the original version in theaters. Though, I’m kinda bothered there’s no Bubo (that’s the golden mechanical owl, people. Keep up) in the trailers, it still looks awesome.

2010 looks to be better a year than 2009, which I think was subpar. There were only a handful of truly remarkable movies thus far. District 9, Half Blood Prince, Where the Wild Things Are and Star Trek come to mind for me. Unfortunately there’s been more let downs than lift ups (I’m looking at YOU Transformers 2). Hopefully the hype won’t kill Avatar, though I’ve been purposely hiding myself from all things Avatar with the exception of the trailers and commercials. So maybe I can add that to my handful of good movies.


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  1. Wait…there’s a Shrek one too? Why have you failed to inform me of that one? Blehhhh! And I expect a text message on your opinion of avatar. I likely will see it Saturday night. Alone. Yet again.

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