I haven’t written in a while. I don’t mean concerning this blog, I mean in general. I need to get back to it. The reason this blog even exists, as I stated in my very first post, was to knock the rust off these fingers so when I do get back to writing it won’t be foreign to me. The last true story I wrote was almost two years ago. I wrote a short story awhile back, but it definitely shows I haven’t done anything in awhile. I may pull a Lucas and go back and redo that one at a later date. I still have a few of them stuck in my head, and one in limbo. It’s halfway done but still a long way to go. It’s about a guy who becomes a werewolf and tries and tracks down the guy who killed all his friends and made him a werewolf to begin with. Pretty cut and dry.  I want to make it a trilogy but I dunno. I’ve been trying to finish that story for…four years? Jesus, has it been that long?? In writing the easiest thing to do is start a novel and the hardest thing to do is finish one. I have a bunch of short stories I wrote from years back and one unpublished novel about a Vampire. It was written before Vampires were chic as they are now. I wonder what would happen if I shopped it around. Would anyone take notice? Lilith, that’s her name, is more in the vain of the old school, seduction, kill you, not give a damn Vampires. Not like today where Vampires are…well I’ll save that for a later post. Anyway, I’ve been laxed in posting here, but the holidays and finals had some to do with that. I’ll try and update this thing at least twice a week at best.


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  1. Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. :p Good for you though. I wanna get back into writing too. But I suck with coming up with ideas. Bleh.

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