Inspirations/Influences Pt.3 – Anne Rice

I first came across the works of Anne Rice when the movie, Interview With the Vampire, came out. After I had seen that I wanted more of the characters I had seen on screen and so I sought out some of the books she had written. Anne Rice wrote about beautiful vampires before they became in vogue. While she has written many novels covering many subjects with many different characters, her most famous characters and novels have to do with Vampires. Many a writer has copied her style, or character traits in the time since she wrote Interview With the Vampire more than thirty years ago. A lot of the romanticism that is prevalent in today’s novels involving Vampires comes from Rice’s works. While Vampires had always been considered sensual and sexual, from the days of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, the Vampire was also considered a monstrous creature who was to be just as feared as attracted to. It wasn’t until Anne Rice and her Vampire chronicles that Vampires became beautiful, elegant…human.

To this day there are little hints of her style incorporated in mine. The descriptions of her characters and the settings they reside help breathe life into an already lavish and elegantly woven story. Anne Rice was one of the first authors I paid very close attention to when it came to story structure and writing style. You could say I even studied it, as a beginning writer, to get a better idea of how to proceed to one point of the story to the other and how to accurately describe something so the reader can see it clear as day. So she ranks very high on my scale of influences as a writer for it was her stories and her style that helped move me along as a fledgling writer all those years ago.


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