Inspiration/Influences Pt.4 – Ernest Hemingway

Anyone who has ever read a  novel has no doubt come across Hemingway without even knowing it. A lot of the prose many writers use today can be traced to Hemingway and his style. Hemingway made the simplistic, straight forward, style of description in storytelling popular, and it would inspire generations of writers after him, and still does. It was Hemingway’s style that showed me that you didn’t have to fill paragraphs of a story with lavish descriptions of something or someone when the basics will do just the same. Though many have praised him for his prose in the works he created, it wasn’t how he told the story he presented his audience with, but what the story itself contained. The characters, the adventures and heart and soul of the people who occupied his works are what make his stories the gold standard for many authors.

Much of what Hemingway wrote came from his own life’s experiences, and that also helped make the stories that much more realistic, rich, colorful and memorable. Through Hemingway I learned that a story could be told straight forward, without all the pom and circumstance that a lot of writers put into their works, and still have the overall story be a powerful piece of work that can stand on its own.


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