Inspiration/Influences Pt.5 – John Byrne

John Byrne, simply put, in my humble little opinion, is one of the greatest comic book writers of the modern age. Many of the greatest story arcs in comics came from this man’s mind. He has worked for both Marvel and DC for their powerhouse titles, like Batman, Superman, X-Men, the Avengers, Wolverine and many more. Perhaps his best known work is the Dark Phoenix Saga. The storyline itself is now the stuff of legend in comics and still stands as one of the best written and complex story arcs in the modern era. His ability to tap into the humanity of a character that is superhuman and weave a story that is incredible but grounded enough to be believable is trait shared by too few writers today in all media. His style isn’t as in your face as Frank Miller, but rather more subtle with the occasional wow factor thrown in every once in a while. Byrne is a writer who has influenced many a writer and his stories stand the test of time, which is a testament to the quality of a writer of his caliber.


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