LOST: The end is the beginning is sadly…the end.

In 2004 a little show about an island full of plane crash survivors took the television world and eventually the world of pop culture by storm. When I first heard of LOST I didn’t pay it much mind, despite the rave reviews all of my friends had given it. To me it looked like a modern day Giligan’s Island. I couldn’t get why people were so enthralled with the show, so during the summer of 05 I figured, why the hell not, nothing else was on the boob tube since it was summer time and everything was on hiatus. So I decided to take a look at the reruns abc was playing. After the first couple of episodes I got it. I got why everyone was so caught up in the show. I immediately made it a point to catch up so by the time season 2 started I wouldn’t be, for a lack of a better word, lost.

Fast forward to today and I, like a lot of other people, eagerly await what will happen beginning tonight with the season premiere of the final episodes of what is arguably one of the most intriguing, captivating, mind blowing, awe inspiring, and just out and out creative shows to come along in a very long time. Not since the early days of the X-files did the overall story encapsulate so much in detail and make you pay attention to what was going on in it. And I can’t even think of a show where you literally had to pay attention to damn near every detail on screen a lot of the times for clues that would turn up weeks or sometimes years later. LOST, at its best is a thought provoking, exciting and plain fun piece of work that I feel we’ll never see the likes of ever again after it leaves the air waves this spring. Sure they’ll be many pretenders to the thrown, that’s only inevitable, but I’m willing to bet that all the imitators won’t come close to the originality of some of the characters this show has provided, nor the presentation it presents the viewer with almost every week.

It’s definitely a one of kind show and though I’m sad it’s leaving, I’m happy that I and many others had the opportunity to experience such a show with so many layers to it that having just one viewing of it didn’t do it justice. Many fans of great storytelling that haven’t experienced LOST, or simply just aren’t old enough to enjoy just a show like this, have a lot to look forward to when the entire series is complete and we can all look at this masterpiece of a show from beginning to end. Here’s hoping that this great series gets the ending such a show like this deserves.



  1. I agree, Lost is perhaps the most creative dramatic series I have ever seen with all of its mysteries, twists, turns, and REturns. Just when you think they left you hanging on a something from season one, in turns up again in the last episode of season 4. Its such a smart show. All of the allusions really contribute to the characters and the themes of the show, something I find myself talking about in English classes, not T.V. shows, and yet it applies to Lost. I am incredibly sad that it is ending. It’s one of those shows, that once it ends, you feel for a moment like you’ve ended with it. I hope season 6 is everything the previews claim it will be. I hope we aren’t let down. And if the writers try to cop out with the “it was all a dream and you were there and you and you” Wizard of Oz type of thing- I WILL BE VERY VERY UPSET. The writers will be hearing from me, that’s for sure.

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