Valentine’s Day

I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Haven’t for a very long time. I just hate the massive commercialism with it, much as it is done with Christmas. But at least with Christmas commercials make it so everyone looks like they can get something out of it. But Valentine’s Day? I don’t think so. When did Valentine’s Day become a holiday exclusively for women? Every commercial or print add I see focuses on what to get her. Jewelry for her? Check. Flowers for her? Check. Chocolates, teddy bears, pajama’s and or lingerie for her? Check. And for him? Nothing. Nadda. Nyet. Zilch. Zero. Not a damn thing. Apparently the big whigs at madison avenue decided, sometime ago since it’s been forever since I’ve seen ANYTHING remotely closed to a valentine’s gift for him, that day of love is all about her. And if you’re scum enough not to get her anything then you should just die. At least that’s what I’ve gotten out the holiday the past few years. Which brings me back to my original question and exactly when did men only figure into being the giving equations on Valentine’s Day?

Now that’s not to say that I think all couples surfer from what society is trying to sell us. I hope during Valentine’s Day it’s not a give and take thing where the husband or boyfriend has to shell out money and all his wife or girlfriend has to do is smile and give the guy a kiss. If that’s so then, I’m sorry to say, that just sucks. And don’t tell me “well it’s the thought that counts,” because we all know that’s a lie. I’ve seen first hand what happens when a woman doesn’t get something or doesn’t get what she thinks she deserves on Valentine’s Day and it’s not pretty. The thought behind it has nothing to do with it. It’s the actual item that means something.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that men like to get gifts too. We liked to be reminded that we’re worthwhile in a relationship with something more than a kiss. How about making Valentine’s commercials for guys? It’s not that hard because we’re simple creatures to shop for. Something for the home, for the car, something we can use at work even. And no! No ties, no cologne! Stuff we actually can use often. Just an idea, because I’m personally sick and tired every year that Valentine’s rolls around feeling like I, as a guy,I  don’t matter except to buy my girlfriend or wife or any other woman in my life something without at least the inclination by someone that I get something in return. To sum it up, this Valentine’s Day, ladies, remember your guy and get him a little something too.



  1. Agreed. It’s not fair for one sex to give more gifts than the other. So does it bother you more that it’s commercialized or that it’s commercialized for the men? Meaning, would you be as bothered if there were the same amount of commercials for the girls as well as the guys? It’s still commercialized, but equal. Or does the commercialization bother you period?

    1. I guess, both, but admittedly it wouldn’t bother me as much if the commercials were more equal on Valentine’s Day. As commercial as Valentine’s is, it still doesn’t come close to Christmas, I mean you don’t see guys stampeding over each other or waiting in line in the wee hours of the morning to buy their girlfriends//wives something. On that level, Christmas’ commercialism sickens me like no other.

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