Nip/Tuck’s farewell

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial, provocative, thought provoking and over the top shows to come along in a long time bowed out this week, and while many people thought the ending wasn’t typical fare for a show that loved to shock and throw tremendous curve balls at its audience, I think it ended quite well, even poetically. To me it only made sense that a show that delivered such crazy and outlandish shorelines would end with something as simple and mellow of an episode as it did. The ending of Nip/Tuck can be compared to the Sopranos in the way that there wasn’t any giant revelations or mind blowing twists no one saw coming. Instead the ending focused on the characters going on with their lives and continuing to survive as best they know how. Of course the finale of Nip/Tuck actually provided a sense of closure which also helps. From the outset Nip/Tuck proved that it could provide shock value, make one think about just what is beauty and how far one would go to capture it, but in the end it showed that it also had what could be the most important thing for any series to have…heart.


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