Chick Drinks

I like chick drinks. They’re awesome. Sex on the beach? Yes, please. Apple martini? Take that too. Cosmo? You betcha. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with a man who enjoys the sweeter things in life. “Chick” drinks are awesome, because they taste good, a simple a reason as you need. That blend of fruity flavors and sweetness as it hits your tongue just can’t compare to some beer or strong bourbon. Not to mention it’s a good conversation starter. I’ve lost count of how many people (mostly women now that I think about it) ask me what is that funny colored drink? Not to say that I don’t like the stronger more “manly” drinks. I can jaguar bomb, or vodka and red bull with the best of them, and when I go out to certain places I will get me a drink made for a man (whatever that means). But my love and heart and soul belongs to the more feminine side of drinks and who cares if it does.

I’m not the only one who likes chick drinks.


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