F$%^ing Commercials

Remember in the olden days of the internet where the most annoying thing you had to do deal with were pop-ups? I never though I’d say it, but I actually miss those days compared to now. One of the things that made the internet so great was that you got to view things, watch videos and shows without the hassles of commercials. You could watch your shows instantly without having to sit through stupid commercials about kitchen cleaner.  And if some pop up happened, you just clicked it and moved on. But now it’s damn near impossible to click on a link or a video without running into a commercial. Or worse, the dreaded combo pop-up and commercial IN THE SAME VIDEO!! Really? I get you have to make a couple of bucks here and there to keep your site going, I do, but are times that hard that you have to throw both irritants at the viewer or that I have to go through a commercial for EVERY VIDEO I want to watch? I like Hulu’s implementation of just choosing one long commercial for whatever I’m watching then not having to put up with anymore after that. Meanwhile, I’m impatiently waiting for the day when someone creates an uber blocker for commercials and pop-ups (because I’m sure someone out there is annoyed as I am with this) that way I can go back to watching a video on youtube or other media sites in peace.


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