Eh. That pretty much sums up my feelings for the movie. It is better than the AVP movies and the second Predator movie, but honestly, that’s like saying being kicked in the shin is better than being punched in the face. Both hurt, but one is a little bit more bearable. The movie has all the action you’d expect from a film like this, and yes the story is pretty predictable. No thinking caps needed for this movie, so don’t bother bringing them. I will say the best thing about this movie was Alice Braga, the only female lead in the film was one of the few bright spots as she brought a toughness to a woman reminiscent of Vasquez from the “Aliens” film but is able to even it out with a warm humanity that’s sorely missing, even amongst most of the humans in the film.

(Note to film makers, it’s hard to root for the supposed good guys when you really don’t give a damn nor like most of them)

There’s not much else to say, the film does have some call backs to the original, from certain lines, to the music, and even the climax of the film between Adrian Brody’s character and the last Predator, is a direct homage to Arnold’s fight with the original Predator. The film is good for what it is, but don’t expect something monumental or amazing or even new for that matter. The new Predators don’t do much from what we’ve seen before. Perhaps that’s what these movies lack, a sort of character development for the Predators themselves. There’s so much potential with a character like the Predator but it’s never used, so in the end what we’re left with is more of the same, which is what Predators is.


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