Inspiration spawns creativity in artistry.

I don’t like to think of myself as an artist because that would probably be an insult to true artists but I’d like to think that I”m someone gifted in the arts. For a long time, I’ve found myself in a creative drought in mostly everything that interests me (specifically writing and photography). Photographically speaking, I really haven’t done anything that I was really serious about in years. But that changed looking at some old headshots I took of a friend just for fun. I don’t know what happened at that moment, but something dormant awoke in me and for the first time in ages I felt a creative spark, that in times passed, would spur me on in my writings and photography into all hours of the night.

I went and asked my mother and grandmother to do portrait studies, something that is a favorite mine when it comes to photography, and a little after that, I asked my friend if she would be so kind in indulging me in this sudden creative explosion I had found myself in and some of the results in both cases can be seen here. My grandmother and mother were nice enough to withstand some blinding light that I’m sure was just as hot as it was bright, to sit under for close to half an hour to get the effect with shadow and light (something I spend a lot of time with my pictures) that I wanted.

With my friend, we spent the better part of the late night taking over 400 pictures and out of those it was narrowed down to 79 until finally 33 final images remained that I plan on using for a portfolio and perhaps a photo exhibition later on. Of course, the digital photographer’s modern-day dark room and best friend is Photoshop and it helped with bringing the contrast light and shadow to the point where I wanted it, but aside from that, everything else is just the way I took it which is hard to do with a plain point and shoot camera. But if you know the strengths of both tools you’re using and your own personal abilities then you can still achieve what you’re going for in your work regardless of what you’re using.




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