So this friday Step Up 3D is coming to a theater near you, and my response to this is…REALLY??? SERIOUSLY???? Was there some massive outcry for another mediocre movie about urban kids expressing themselves through street dance, and did the fans of the last two Step UP films declare, “You better make it 3D or else?” What the hell has happened with Hollywood and their love of 3d films. It’s damn near impossible to go a week without some film being released with the 3D treatment. Look, we get Avatar made a ton of money, and a big bulk of that came from the 3D screenings, but do you want to know why Avatar was so successful as a 3D film? Because (and follow me closely on this one) it was made for the 3D technology. The movie was shot and specfically developed to be in 3D and because of that, the resulting movie was spectacular to see and experience.

But because Avatar did what it did at the box office, suddenly studio execs in Hollywood got the bright idea that EVERY SINGLE MOVIE THAT HAS EXPLOSIONS OR SPECIAL EFFECTS (or apparently high powered dance moves) NEEDS TO BE IN 3D!  Well, newsflash Hollywood execs, they don’t. Seriously, they don’t, so stop it already. Fact is 90 percent of the live action films were shot on film then ran through the 3D process, and while they may look decent, they won’t look as good as films specifically shot for 3D. Example: Clash of the Titans. I never saw it in 3D but everyone who did that I had contact with said the 3D took away from, not added to the experience of the movie.

Unfortunately it looks like the 3D madness will continue well into next summer as news that Michael Bay will release the next Transformers in 3D. Um, no thank you. His kinetic and chaotic style of filmmaking is enough in 2D, seeing his work in three dimensions would be enough to leave me on the floor of the theater mired in violent convulsions. I get that Hollywood is trying to make an extra buck since showings in 3D costs a little more, and making extra dollars is what Hollywood does. It just seems…no, actually it is this whole 3D fare has fast become overkill and it might even hurt, not help movies in the long run because people will be burnt out from every other film being released in 3D.

The next Tron movie, which is due out in December, is one of those rare live action films shot in 3D, and I’ll actually shell out a couple of more dollars to see it in that format because it’s actually meant to be seen that way. If people are burnt out of 3D then that might take away from that movie’s gross which means you won’t see films utilizing that technology to shoot in 3D as much and instead just shoot it on film and then adding the 3D.  I know these movies are released in 2D also, and people have a choice as to which format they want to see, but that’s not the point. The point is for Hollywood to maybe reign in the whole 3D barrage of movies that don’t deserve them so when an actual film that is 3D credible shows up, people won’t be so jaded and maybe they’ll want to take themselves up on a true 3D experience.


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