I remember you, MTV

Oh, MTV, you used to be awesome. You were a guaranteed good time whenever I turned to your channel, no matter what was playing because I knew there would be something I could watch coming around the way. You were a trend setter, a trailblazer. You were politically conscious and socially responsible. You had programming on your channel that meant something, said something to so many. You were…relevant. Now, you’ve become like the aging superstar ball player who stayed for a couple of seasons too many. You’ve become a shell of what you once were, trying to live up to your past glory, believing yourself to be just as  important now as you were then when you’re not, and the worst thing is…you don’t even know it. You’ve become an embarrassment to watch, and sad to think about, especially to those of us who saw you in your youth and know how great you used to be. 

Sure, many come to see you now, but not because why you think. They flock to you now for your myriad of embarrassing shows and stupid programming. What does it say about a channel whose most popular show consists of a bunch of lame and offensive stereo types? Admittedly, I occasionally turn to you when there is a lack of anything else to entertain me. There is still a part of me that has a part of you to thank for the person I am and maybe because of that I can’t quite let go. But each time I turn you on, it hurts to see you in the shape you’re in. Hurts because I know what you once were. I was there the night you were born. I watched you take your very first steps with the Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star, and watched you grow into something to be proud of. Watched you make history, influence millions of kids and young adults into doing something with their lives they could be proud of. Watched you introduce the world to musical genius no one had even heard before.

Now I look at you, and I can’t help but feel sorry for you. Sorry because everything you were is now dead and gone. Sorry because you’ve become the very thing you were supposed to be against in your youth. Sorry, because this generation and the generations to come will never get to know and see the MTV I knew and saw. Perhaps this is the greatest tragedy in all of this. Most people know you as the channel that had The Hills, and still makes The Real World and has graced this world with the likes of Jersey Shore. You call yourself MTV when in actuality, the only time you even bother to play music is when most of the country isn’t even awake to see it.

You’re time as MTV, I believe, is done. It’s time to take yourself out of the game, retire and give up the M in MTV because you’re not that channel anymore. I honestly don’t know what you are now, I just know you’re not the channel I knew. Oh, MTV, you used to be awesome…what happened?


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