What do you want to do in life? What in life will make you happy?

The first question is posed soon as you enter the educational system. It’s the question your teacher asks you in pre-school and kindergarten. And that very same question gets repeated over and over throughout your adolescent life. By the time you graduate college, you’re supposed to have an idea of what you want to do and where you want to go in life. Earlier in my life I wanted to be a playboy photographer. I mean come on, it’s teenage boy’s dream. To go to exotic locales and take pictures of some of the most beautiful women in the world completely naked and actually get paid for it. Who can beat that. Of course, you grow up and set your sights on more realistic ambitions and that’s when I settled on writing. To this day I want to be a writer. I don’t need to be super successful like a J.K. Rowling, or Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, or  Stephanie Meyer. But I would like to make something, that resonates with people, to stand the test of time and continue to be talked about and sought after long after I’ve left this mortal coil.

I started writing after high school, which is ironic because I hated, with a passion, writing anything more than a paragraph.  But after my very first year in college I got sick, so sick that I was relegated to my bed for an entire month. The months that followed were some of the most trying and emotional for me, and I found, to my own surprise, that my outlet was writing. I have notebooks and notebooks of short stories, poems and just thoughts, written by hand. I found writing to be my solace in those times and it helped me cope and get through what were admittedly crushing times for me emotionally and mentally. As time went on I started reading the works of Anne Rice, Hemmingway, Edgar Allen Poe, and you can see traces of their influences of their styles in mine to this day. The Author who would have the greatest influence on me was Kerouac, and his style of prose often bleeds through mine. Those authors and my small library of comic books helped shape the writer I am and want to be. Of course, being a writer isn’t a sure fire deal, and most people can’t live off of writing alone.

Which is why I’m in graphic design as a fall back plan. The world we live in now, they’ll always be work for someone who wants to design websites, touch up photos for magazines and create graphics for a television or news show, and it’s my hope to be good enough to freelance one day, call my own shots and do the jobs I want to do. That would be nice. Which brings me to the What would make me happy in life part.

I hope to get to a place in life where I can get up and go whenever I want to. Where I can just leave and go wherever without asking anyone’s permission. Where I have the freedom to do, come and go as I please. If I decide I want to hit the road for a couple of weeks and see America from roads, then I can do that. The idea, to never have to answer to anyone, and be my own person, control my own path, that’s what would make me happy. That and writing something that would let people know I was here, and that perhaps my works could’ve made a difference in the lives of the people who read it, like the Authors of the works I’ve read have made a difference in mine.


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