More about writing

I can remember having all of these ideas in my head but always struggling to find my voice (cliche as that is) when writing. Every writer has his/her own style they use that represents them and when you read it you know automatically who that writer is. With me it took years and many stories to find the pace and style that I wanted. It took reading a lot of books and authors to understand what it meant to have your own style. And indeed, many of those authors influenced me in my own style. Earlier posts in this blog gives highlights to that. In the end my biggest influences as a writer would be Jack Kerouac, Frank Miller with just a small dash of Anne Rice thrown in. Almost every artist in every medium and genre can credit the artists who came before them and like as a direct influence on them. And if you look close enough, you’ll see bits and pieces of their influence in that artist’s works.


I credit my time at the message board site, and all the years  I spent there, just typing on my keyboard and learning the key positions in helping me become a better writer, as well as making little fan fics, using people on the message board as characters, in sharpening writing skills as well as helping me fashion a story from just an idea into something that was fleshed out and real.  Once you develop your style of writing, it’s like learning how to ride a bike, it stays with you and you never forget to write in your own voice. You may be rusty if you hadn’t done anything in a while, but it comes back to you very quickly. That’s something I’ve always found, whether writing a paper for school, or just working on a story for myself, my voice is always there, even if I have to look for it a little bit sometimes.



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