A blog about nothing.

Sometimes I just wish I my facial hair would stop growing for a bit. I like having a beard and stuff, but sometimes I just wish I could shave and stay clean shaven without worrying about hair growing back and getting razor bumps. Those aren’t fun. It’s been months, (years?) since I was completely clean shaven.

You ever notice how women always scream whenever they see someone they haven’t seen in years, months, weeks, days? Why is that? I’ve never in my life seen a man yell at the top of his lungs after seeing a fellow dude he hadn’t seen in a while. Any ladies in the house want to answer this question?

I’m so ready for spring break, I need a break from school.

I think if I had the money, I’d totally get one of those lofts downtown, or even better, one of those apartments they’re building across the street from the arena. That way during final friday I wouldn’t even have to drive anywhere, not to mention I could just walk to the bar on the weekends. That would be awesome.

People ask me why I don’t I get an iphone or an android phone? Fact is I never call anyone, and barely text anyone. About the only thing I really use my phone for is to see what time it is and play Midnight Bowling on it.

I can count on one hand the number nights I’ve had a full night’s rest since the age of ten. (meaning going to bed before 1 or 2 in the morning)

I’m giving serious thought to Changing my major in school.

There’s nothing like a cookie for a late night snack.

Eating chocolate frosting straight from the container is awesome. Who needs the cake?

I want to get back to drawing more like I used to.


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