Just Write.

When it comes to writing, and by writing I mean almost anything creatively, it’s easy to start something. What is hard is finishing what you started. Almost anyone can start a novel, a short story or what have you. But it takes an incredible amount of discipline and patience to go from that beginning to the middle and end. And not because you have to worry about plot points or how this part of the story connects to this point, or what exactly is that character’s motivation. No, what makes writing so hard is simply the act of writing. The act of sitting down and dedicating the hours, days, weeks, and eventually months (and sometimes even years) to crank out that story that’s been dancing around in your head. I have dozens of stories that have beginnings but no end in sight. Not because I can’t think of one, but just because I simply haven’t gotten around to finishing them.


The firs true blue book I wrote took me over three years to finish. From  2001 to 2004 I would sit down at my computer and add and add to my story. What took me so long wasn’t any kind of trouble figuring the story out, it was simply sitting down to write it down. I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes through this. For me it’s just about making yourself get into the groove of things. I usually have to force myself to start writing, even if it’s something I know I want to do and look forward to. But once I get into it, once my fingers start hitting the keys to my keyboard, it’s smooth and fluid for me. I recall a famous writer saying, if you want to write, then you should dedicate at least a couple of hours out of the day to do so. Even if you write about nothing at all, at least you’re writing. I think in that message is the fact that setting aside some time to do that will build discipline for you as a writer. God knows I still need to this day. I’ve recently begun work on a story I’ve had forming for a while now, and I still find myself having to force myself to get to work on it. 


Even when it comes to this blog I have remind myself that if I don’t write on here, that this place will become useless, just another thing taking up space on the net that someone’s forgotten all about. The key to being a great, good or just a writer period, is just to write. Which is something I plan on doing a lot more of. Just write.


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