There are many legends and myths concerning the being that name is attached to. I first became aware of her years ago, when I was working on a story. There seems to be an old bible myth concerning her, saying that she was the first true wife of Adam, but rather bow to his whims and wishes and knowing her place, she rebelled and went her own way. Because of this she was cursed to be the first known vampire. That idea of her has always interested me,  and because of that I created a character loosely (very loosely) based on that legend. 

I placed her in that story as the foil to the protagonist, but the more I wrote that story, the more I grew enamored with this character. A few years later, in the summer of 2001, I started work on what would become my first full fledged novel length story. It took three years for me to complete that story, and many many edits later I’ve finally finished this journey I had begun some ten years earlier. Lilith is to be my first foray into the world of becoming a published author. The book is a self publication, made on amazon’s createspace. I figured it was the easiest and less stressful way to have my work placed out into the world, rather than have to go through oodles of publishers. For authors who just want their words read by someone other than them, self publishing seems to be the trend of the day, but that’s a topic I will broach next time.

Lilith will be my experiment, my teacher so to speak, because I don’t want this to be the only book I ever publish. From this book I’ll know what to and what not to do. What to expect and prepare for the next time around. I don’t expect this to book to change my life or the lives of whoever is nice enough to get a copy and give it a read, it’s just enough that after all these years, after all this time of not knowing if it would even see the light of day, that I did it. It’s enough, that it’s out in the world for any who want to do so, to pick it up. 

Now for the book itself, and a bit of shameless self promotion on my part,  it’s the tale of a young girl who becomes a vampire. Yeah, I know, more vampire stories. Keep in mind I wrote this before vampires were all the rage, as they are now. That’s the one thing that kind of bothers me with this release, because the market is flooded with vampire books, everyone seemingly trying to cash in on the twilight craze. The book is just her account of things since becoming a vampire. It’s an intimate tale, not told on any grand scale nor does the fate of the world come into play at any point. It’s simply the story of a vampire, and her experiences throughout the centuries, creating and destroying relationships along the way while coming to terms with the fact that the world isn’t the way she always believed it to be.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life finishing this book, and while it’d be nice if I became the next J K Rowling, or Jack Kerouac, it’s just enough that I have my work out there, enough that I at least  can have a chance to impact someone’s life and inspire them to be creative as other authors have inspired me. Or at least entertain someone for a couple of hours before they move on to something else, that’s not bad either.

My book won’t officially be listed on amazon for at least another week, but it is for sale as of right now and you can get it here at and there’s a preview of the first chapter you can find here.

Oh yeah, it’s also under review for kindle, it’ll be another day or so before it’s available, when it is, I’ll update this post to point the way to it.

All in all, regardless of what happens with this book, it’s a day I’ve looked forward to for some time, and despite the reality of it all, it still feels like a dream to me, a wonderful dream, indeed.
UPDATE: I’ve since put out Lilith on Kindle so you can find it for salehere. Also, for some reason there was a password protection on my estore, but that’s been taken down and is open to the public so you can go here (or click the link in the origial body of text) and get the physical copy of the book, if the kindle isn’t your thing. Or you can get both, which would make me very happy.


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