Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad returns this sunday (thankfully) after almost a year’s hiatus. For those that don’t know, Breaking Bad revolves around one Walter White, a mild mannered chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal cancer. Being a man who makes a highs school teacher’s salary, he figures he has to do something rather than leave his family in debt from all the medical bills that will be piling up. That’s when he has a fateful meeting with an old student of his, Jesse Pinkman, who has since gone on to become a meth dealer. When Walt sees the money that Jesse makes at his far from straight and narrow job, Walt gets the idea that if he wants to make money fast and make a lot of it, he should go into the business of making meth. What follows is the transformation of Walter White from the mild mannered, family man/chemistry teacher to a hard nosed, cold blooded, bad ass of a man.

The show is as addictive as the meth that Walter cooks. I got hooked only a few months ago when AMC was replaying the entire series on Wednesday late nights. I quickly caught up by watching all the episodes that I missed to the most recent season, and now find myself waiting along with a lot of other people to see just what Walter has up his sleeves for this fourth season. Breaking Bad proves that good television, that draws you in and actually makes you care about the stories and characters that reside in them, still exist. The show is some of the best on television to date. For those who are sick and tired of all the reality shows that are about as real the “natural” looks of the women on most of those shows, I strongly suggest you get yourself acquainted with Walter, Jesse and all the other complex characters of Breaking Bad. I guarantee it’ll be more fun and interesting than most of what you’ll find on television during the doldrums of summer. The new season starts this sunday on AMC, and even if you haven’t watched 1 episode of the series, make it point to tune in to the season premiere. Yes, you’ll be lost, but you’ll still enjoy it all the same, and if you like it, which I’m sure you will, then you can have all the fun the following week by catching up on the past episodes of the previous seasons to hold you over until the next new episode.


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