A little bit of everything.

I don’t have one topic to talk/write about tonight, instead I’ll just jostle a bunch of stuff that I’ve been thinking about and dealing with in one all encompassing post. That being said, I saw Captain America: The First Avenger, and Cowboys and Aliens over the past couple of weeks, and I liked both. With Captain America they pretty much stuck to the origin story the way it was told in the comics originally, only changing a couple of things here and there, the movie as a whole played better than I thought it would. Captain America was never really one of my favorite comic characters, but I always found the individual of the character himself to be of interests, and I think the movie did a good job in bringing all those sensibilities that the captain has, that basically make’s him Marvel’s version of Superman (without the god-like powers). I also like how they tied this movie in with the upcoming Avengers movie as well as the last Iron Man (sorta) movie.

Cowboys was a pleasant surprise. Based on the premise I was expecting something pretty hoaky and dumb, the writers were able to craft a pretty plausible, if not slightly cliched story, and it also helps to have the likes of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in the movie too. It’s a fun time to spend an hour and half or so on the weekend if you have the time. All in all, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s not bad either.

Those who actually come here may have noticed that I don’t do as many reviews as I used to anymore. It’s mainly because I see so many movies but so few really speak to me that I just don’t feel the need to write about it afterwards. That’s not to say that I’ll stop entirely, but I think I’ll scale it down to the supposedly really “big” movies or a movie that I think people should know about.

Speaking of things people should know about, a little indie band by the name Best Coast, just released a video from their album, Crazy for You, called Our Deal, Directed by Drew Barrymore. Yes, that Drew Barrymore. I love the song, and the video is pretty good. And the little twist ending makes the whole thing as far as I’m concerned.  If you have a couple of minutes, do yourself a favor and check it out.



  1. I saw Cowboys and Aliens with my sister today. Well…yesterday, since it’s passed midnight already. I thought it was pretty good. I as expecting something a little different, but what I got wasn’t a disappointment. Enjoyable. Captain America was enjoyable too. Saw that one twice.

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