When I was younger, I wanted to be a photographer, a Playboy photographer to be more precise. Those dreams have sense faded, and for a time, my love for photography did also. But within the last few months I’ve had a kind of falling back in love with the art form of photography, and all that goes with creating something that’s always been there and approaching it from an angle one might not think to take. Truth be told, I don’t think I ever fell out of love with photography, more to the point, I guess you could say I kept it at bay, as a friend, attending to it here and then, but not really paying attention to it like I should have. Lately, though, things have changed. I now find myself having that same feeling as a kid with my first camera, eager to go out and take shots of anything and everything I can, while making it uniquely mine, making whatever shots I took seem different from what it has always been. That’s always been my approach and always will be. Sometimes I want to take a shot and make people think about what they’ve seen. Sometimes I just want to take something to show it’s beauty or grit. And then there are times I just want to show the world around me as I see it, or as I’d like to see it. With that said I’ve gone and made a flickr account to share my adventures with my camera, and now that I have a camera that does all that I’ve been wanting to do, you can bet I’ll be updating it a great deal. For those interested you can go here and check it out. 

Here’s a couple of shots I’ve done recently.









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