Steve Jobs (His Imagination Changed the World)

The first computer I ever had was a Tandy 38something or other I got for christmas as a little kid. I remember spending hours on end writing code into it from computer books I got in the mail just so I could make it play On top of Spaghetti. But the first real, true blue computer I ever had was an iMac Special Edition DV. I actually still have it today, where it sits quietly in retirement in a cabinet in the basement. Like many, I was attracted to the iMac because of its unique look. It was something space-age, futuristic, odd and beautiful all at once. It was an all-in-one computer, with monitor, disc drive and all the plugins a newbie to the computing world could ever need. It was a second generation to its predecessor the iMac, a bondi blue first of its kind computer that helped put Apple Inc, a company that was a stone’s throw away from bankruptcy at the time, back on the map. It was also the brainchild of one Steve Jobs. 

Steve, who had actually co-founded the company years earlier, had been drummed out of it, only to be brought back in by the people in charge because they knew he was the right man to save the sinking ship that was Apple at the time. And what a rescue it was. Within a span of a few years, apple went from being a laughing stock to most computer enthusiasts and the industry as a whole, to a technological powerhouse. Soon you couldn’t turn on a television, open a magazine or paper, or go online without seeing something featured from Apple. iMacs were showing up on popular television shows, iPods were becoming something of the trend to have, and suddenly it was cool to say you had a mac. Steve Jobs and his children by invention, the iMac, iPod, iPhone and the iPad have changed the world in which we all live and communicate with each other in. Steve Jobs changed the world period. Those words get thrown around a lot when describing people in history, but few times can it be said with as much sincerity or truth as it can be said about Steve Jobs. 

He was a true visionary, seeing everything that has happened in technology, years before anyone else could. Overseeing innovation in technology many could not even dream of or comprehend and bringing it to fruition. I’m sure there will be many, MANY tributes to this man, and I’m sure that many will be much more eloquent in their goodbyes than mine, but I can honestly say, that without Steve Jobs and his innovations, his forethought and his constant need to change things and make them better, or just create something that many never even knew they wanted or needed, I probably would be a vastly different person, and my life would be just as different. Thank you, Mr. Jobs. Thank you for your imagination, your dreams and showing the world that impossible is only what you limit your imagination to. 


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