Passion Rekindled

A few months back, I spoke about getting back into the thing I loved doing when I was younger, which was photography. For sometime now I’ve slowly been finding my niche, getting back into the groove of things when it comes to photography, and with my first DSLR I’ve rediscovered the pure joy and fun it is to shoot, to go out and take pictures of the city, and all that surrounds people in this world. With photography you can discover beauty, even in places most wouldn’t think to look or notice. And there’s times where it’s nice to shoot something that is hands down beautiful, classy and elegant. In my digital imaging/photography class I’ve fully found and embraced the passion I’d slowly been building back towards with each assignment. And for the final one I had to do, what ever reservations I had about going back to my first love, my first major, the thing I wanted to do in the beginning, are now completely gone. With help from a classmate of mine, I made what I think is some the best work of art I’ve done in school in ages, and couldn’t be more prouder.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve done.


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