Inspirations/Influences Redux Pt.2

Continuing with this series of photographers I’ve found strong inspiration in or have directly influenced me from their work, I turn to one many might be surprised to know is a photographer. When most hear the name Karl Lagerfeld they will more than likely think of the eccentric fashion designer who both runs and designs for Chanel couture, his own house of Lagerfeld and Fendi. But it turns out that the man is of many talents. Lagerfeld has been behind the lens for over twenty years now. Lagerfeld’s style reflects the high fashion world he comes from with many of his photos taking the preternatural beauties from the catwalks and freeze framing them in time during a provocative pose or stare. It’s a blend of elegance and simplicity that just works so well, better than one would think at least. While most of his focus is settled on the beautiful people of the world, he does venture to landscapes occasionally or even blends the two to great effect. One of the calling cards in most of Lagerfeld’s works is contrast and the use of light and shadows. While he shoots in both black and white and color, I believe the photos he shoots in black and white are his best as his use of contrast shines, clearly showing his skill at being able to set a mood with deep blacks that still manage to show detail and whites that play a perfect compliment to the darks adding a beautiful glow to his works. As a fan of lighting and shadow, I often find his photos works of genius and beauty whether it’s the simplicity of a full framed portrait or a model placed in a setting that should envelope her/him, but somehow he makes it so she/he stands out from everything that surrounds that model. I freely admit that Lagerfeld’s influence is deeply entrenched in my own style, and I think I’m the better photographer for it.

Examples of Lagerfeld’s work:
























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