Inspirations/Influences Redux Pt.5

The final entry of the photographers who have inspired and influenced me in my love of photography is that of David LaChapelle. LaChapelle’s work has been categorized in the genre of Pop Art, but in recent years, he has started to branch out into other forms and styles. He started out in the early 80’s, showcasing his works in the New York galleries. His photos caught the eye of Pop Art Icon Andy Warhol, and it was Warhol who got LaChapelle his first photography job at Interview Magazine. From there, Lachapelle went on to photograph for a myriad of magazines like Rolling Stone, Photo, Vogue and Flaunt to name a few. His style is definitely unique and stands out. 

 Up until recently, LaChapelle’s trademark style was hyper realistic colors combined with, let’s say, slightly exaggerated scenes and models placed in poses and situations that toed the line between the sublime and absurd. His ability to mix these themes, often in the same picture, and make it play out to a beautiful composition makes LaChapelle one of the most sought after photographers today. His use of color, especially makes me a big fan of his. In the past few years he’s managed to take the style he’s been known for and change it, almost to a drastic sense. In his Awakened series, he ditches the bold colors of hyper realism for a more surreal type of a style. 

 LaChapelle’s ability to grow and change as an artist shows that it’s okay to move from your comfort zone, embark on new challenges and find a new way to express yourself while in the same medium. LaChapelle’s influence on me is his all or nothing style, colors that leap off the page and grab you and unique compositions. It was his works that helped get me back into the world photography, that helped me rediscover the love I have for the medium.


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