Another post about nothing

Every once in awhile I find myself at a loss to talk about something specific and instead just talk about any and everything that comes to mind. I do this from time to time, and I find it helps get the writing gears going. Anywho… 

 I saw the Hobbit. It was decent, maybe a little longer than it needed to be, but I will say it was definitely better than Fellowship of the Ring. The story didn’t seem to move as slow, was better put together and felt more fluid than the first installment of the Rings trilogy over ten years ago. Oh, and Gollum stole the show. Gollum was much more scary and better filled out as a character in his twenty or so minutes of screen time than he was in all of the films that he was in before. 

I also saw Django Unchained. The last couple of films by Tarantino have been more a return to form for the director, though I’m not in love with the ever increasing time lengths of his movies. Both Inglorious Bastards and Django could’ve benefited from serious trimming down. Django especially would’ve been a lot better if at least half an hour were trimmed off of it. I could think of at least three scenes that would’ve been better off as deleted scenes on the blu-ray rather than actually be in the movie. Tarantino seems to think the little quirks that come from his writing, which can yield pleasant surprises (the lynch mob scene is probably the best example of this) needs to be highlighted, even if it drags his film to a screeching halt, which happens at least a couple times in this movie. The movie is good, but Tarantino seems to be becoming a fan of his dialogue, much like some pundits like hearing themselves speak on television. The man still has talent as a writer and director, but it seems more and more as if he’s making films he expects people to think he should make instead of just making films he wants to make, and that’s always a dangerous ground for an artist to walk on. 

One more thing regarding Django Unchained, a lot of people seem to be uncomfortable by the use of the word “Nigger” also, and yes, the word is used A LOT. The word has some power behind it, but any and every word has about as much power as you’re willing to give it. Still, there is no word in existence that can ever be more disturbing compared to watching someone being tied to a tree and whipped, or torn apart by dogs, or watching two men forced to try and beat the other to death (and out of all those scenes mentioned, the whipping one is the most tame, if that gives you an idea). I think the reaction to a word and how many times it has been used as opposed to the actual acts of violence that takes place in a movie is a good measuring stick on society and how sensitive we’ve become when it comes to words than actions. I understand why some would be upset over the use (or over use) of the word, but is someone saying a racial epithet, either for comedic or dramatic tones, far more upsetting than watching a slave being torn apart by dogs? Hmmm, okay.

Outside of movies, this past month has neither been memorable or forgettable. The same can pretty much be said for this year. Personally this has been a pretty good year, I’ve been prolific in my photography work, I started back writing again lately. Hopefully, the next year will be better. Hopefully, this time next year I can say it was great with little to no bad. We’ll see.


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