Goodbye tumblr…

I’ve talked about my rekindled love for photography here and there on this blog, the most recent post being about the tumblr feed that I started. Well as of tonight I’ve officially put that feed to rest. I think I’m in need of something more professional, more grown up for me. Which is why I’ve moved on to making an online portfolio. Now tumblr, flickr and every other site like that can be made into a portfolio of some type in the right hands. Fact was, I neglected my poor little tumblr site than anything, and I really didn’t feel a need to update it. With this site, at least it’s more pleasing to the eye than my tumblr site was. It’s going to be a slow building process but over time I’ll add pictures of the projects I’m going to be working on in the coming weeks on there. Anyone who’s interested to look, be my guest.


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