My must see movies for this Summer.

Spring is in the air, which means it won’t be much longer until the summer movies (which get released earlier nowadays) make their way into the multiplexes. Here is my list of must see films for the summer, which to this point looks much better than last year.

1.Star Trek Into Darkness

star_trek_into_darkness-posterBeyond a doubt, it’s 1st on my list. JJ Abrams made what was old new with his Star Trek movie of 2009 by giving it a healthy does (ironically enough in more ways than one) of some Star Wars style energy. The end result was a rekindled interest in the dwindling movie portion of the Star Trek franchise, and broadening its fan base by adding newer fans to it. With its new life, Abrams has gotten the green light to ramp up the story and action with the sequel, Into Darkness. And dark is what this movie looks, with the tone of the trailers showcasing the fun of the first movie with a much more serious style mixed into it. Little is known about what the plot centers around aside from what was released officially, which isn’t much. I think what is known for sure is that this movie has high expectations based on its predecessor, and I, for one, am hoping it surpasses them easily. Star Trek Into Darkness is #1 on my list for a reason, I hope I’m not wrong putting it at the top of that list.

2. Man of Steel

manofsteelposter8888881999Most people panned Bryan Singer’s version of the man of steel when Superman Returns came out in 2006, though personally I think it’s better than what most give it credit for. That’s neither here nor there, though. After patiently waiting for the savior of the DC comics movie franchise, Christopher Nolans to finish up his Dark Knight Trilogy, they asked him if he’d be nice enough to help them out with what WAS their flagship Movie Character, Superman. He said sure, then he that is the master of the super slow-mo, AKA Zach Snyder was picked to direct the film. Now Man Of Steel finds itself perched to reclaim the throne from Batman as DC’s movie cash cow. To say there’s a lot riding on this film would be like saying the internet had a little something to do with changing how we communicate today…you would be immensely understating the obvious. If this film doesn’t do well then any and all plans DC has to pull off what Marvel and Disney has done with their super hero franchises will vaporize into nothingness faster than Krypton. So far, early reviews have been great, the footage shown has given hope to even the casual Supes fan. Here’s hoping  Man of Steel can bring back that magic of the early Donner films, and Snyder and Nolan can do for Superman what Nolan did for Batman. 

3. Iron Man 3

iron-man-3-posterAfter a weak followup to the first movie, Iron Man 3 seems to be going the darker route for its next chapter. Whatever the case, the trailers for Iron Man 3 shows a series that seems to have found its footing again, after stumbling, if ever so lightly. 




4. Fast and the Furious 6

Fast_and_furious_6_poster_by_kristaps_design-d5skoo0People going into any of these movies expecting to get more than what’s advertised deserve to be disappointed. Seriously people, it’s cars, explosions, cars and  more cars dodging explosions or getting exploded. It’s stupid fun, accept it as that, and you’ll be fine.




5. Pacific Rim

Pacific-Rim-poster-BIGThis is probably the only film that I have no previous experience with. I know nothing about the story, cartoon, comic, or whatever inspired it. I do know Guillermo Del Toro is a gifted story teller, and has rarely done wrong. And it has giant robots beating the hell out of giant monsters. The kid in me who grew up watching Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla can’t help but be a little excited for this. 


6. The Wolverine 

The-Wolverine-Movie-PosterWas the first one great? No, but I think it suffered from what Superman Returns suffered from, which was people expecting one thing and getting something different, continuity errors accepted, of course. That being said, The Wolverine is on my list because the character is still one of the more intriguing heroes ever made, not to mention that this story is based on Chris Claremont’s wonderful mini series. If the movie manages to capture half the essence of those books than fans are in for a treat.

7. Kick – Ass 2

Kick-Ass-2-PosterThe first movie was an ultra violent, funny and shockingly good transfer from the comics to the screen surprise. That being said, Kick – Ass 2 no longer has the advantage of sneaking up on people. It’s expected to be at least as good if not better than the first. With the release of the red band trailer for it a week ago, things are looking good.



  1. How in the HELL can you put ST:ID over Man of Steel. I swear Alexi, I wonder about you sometimes

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