I haven’t forgotten about the ol’ place

The latter half of the summer months, especially August, is typically the lazy time of year for me in a lot of the aspects of my life, which explains why there hasn’t been much, or any activity, on here in the past few weeks. I believe the last post I did was about Man of Steel, so it’s been awhile. I’ve seen a lot more movies but just didn’t feel like, or more to the point moved to the point, of writing about them. But in a nutshell: Pacific Rim = really good for a fun and dumb summer movie, . Wolverine = better than the first, a lot better character development and probably one of the more surprising movies of the summer for its entertainment value.  Kick Ass 2 = good, a little darker than the first but not a vast improvement over it.

My senior year of college starts up in a few days, which will help alleviate my laziness when it comes to writing which means I’ll probably have more posts on here. So for the few who actually come here regularly expect things to pick up pretty soon. So yeah, the place has been in a kind of hibernation lately, but there’ll be life breathed into the ol’ blog soon enough.


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