Miss Aniela

A couple months ago I was on Flickr browsing the works of other people. I find when you’re having problems coming up with ideas on what you want to do, looking at other people’s work can give you ideas on what you should be doing. Then I came across the some photos by one Miss Aniela, and what I saw was something that struck me the same way I was struck when I saw the works of Lachapelle, or Caravaggio for the first time. There was such a uniqueness but a sort of familiarity to her photos that I had to see more of what she had done. What I found was the works of an artist (and I mean that in every sense of the word) who’s confidence and skills shine through every single photo she takes. Whether they be simple portraits, high fashion haute couture, or  a surreal dreamscape that could only exist in the world that she’s created in that photo, Miss Aniela’s style is original, yet you can’t help but see something very similar, or even retro in her work. 

Her variety and versatility as an artist is something I admire as much as her actual photos. She can take a plain photo in black and white and make it look like nothing you’ve ever seen before in its sheer beauty and elegance. Then she can turn right around and make a photo blending the real with the imaginative with photoshop, making something that you know isn’t real, but you can’t be helped but be drawn into the beauty of what you’re seeing and just simply throw out your attachment to reality and just go with it. Of course when I mention photoshop, I know there are a lot of photographers who will probably groan over the thought of a professional or semi professional using such a tool for their photos (besides using it to develop the file). But she’s not someone who uses it just to make her pictures look “pretty” or “cool” but incorporates her photoshop skills to create works in her photography that add to her creation, making true works of art. Miss Aniela is in my short list of artist that inspire and I personally can’t wait to see what she does next. But why am I telling you all this when it would just be easier to show you?

And below is an interview with Aniela herself:


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