Zombies and Models

I’m nearing the end of my time at school, and as I get closer to my graduation in may I’m trying my best to pad my photo portfolio for the future. I also find myself going all in on projects I couldn’t even conceive of a couple of years ago. That being said my last project of this semester was inspired by a series of photos by David Lachapelle. His Disaster series placed high fashion models smack dab in the middle of a catastrophe all while keeping their super high fashion model looks and fierce model poses. I was influenced by that series and decided to do own my own disaster theme. The end result turned out to be zombies. It wasn’t my original idea but looking back at it, I think going in this direction really worked, not to mention it’s the most fun I’ve had doing a shoot to date. A special thank you to Katie for doing the makeup work on my classmates/zombies


















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