Behold: The king of the monsters

Godzilla was my favorite monster as a kid. No matter what I was doing, I would set it aside to watch whatever creature feature that had Godzilla in it. From the old school classics that had him as the monster who terrorized Japan, or the later movies that had him as the hero defending it from other monsters, they were all great to my young eyes and I genuinely loved him. So much so that the first time I saw Godzilla vs King Kong, and he lost (spoiler alert), I actually cried. Years later, Hollywood took its shot at making Godzilla for a new generation, and while I think the hearts of the guys behind Independence Day were in the right place, the execution of it was-shall we say-lack luster. So fast forward to now and Hollywood is attempting to restore Godzilla to the mighty monster he was all those decades ago. Based on the first official trailer from next summer’s movie of the same name, this Godzilla looks like he’s ready to reclaim his crown as King of the monsters.



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