Years ago I started my journey in the world of higher education, majoring in photo journalism. After the first year, due to sub-par grades and illness, I dropped out. The next few years I would go back, off and on, not really knowing what I wanted to do, or major in, but just wanting to do something. I did a gambit of major’s going through a myriad of schools from the traditional college, to the technical and community. It wasn’t until 2010 that it struck me what I wanted to do with my life, what major I wanted to truly pursue. I’ve written about it on here before, but as a brief recap I returned to where it all began in 2009, majoring in graphic design. But not long after I found that I had no real passion for graphic design and my first love of photography had been reborn in me. Long story short, fate played a part and I had an opportunity to go after that major of photography. From 2011 forward I spent the next three long years chasing that major, trying to fulfill that accomplishment which I failed so miserably at years before. 

On saturday, may the 17th, I finally, after so many years of doubts, fallbacks, stops and starting overs, graduated from college with B.A. in Studio Arts emphasizing on Photography. There aren’t very many things that I’ve done in my life to this point that I can honestly say I’m so very proud of. If someone would’ve approached me at the age of 19, sick in my bed without a clue as to where I was headed, in my future, if I even would have a future, and tell me that I’d be a graduate of a four year college, the first of my family to achieve such a thing, I would’ve thought they were crazy. But here I am, older, wiser, much more understanding that the things you want just can’t come to you overnight, but rather come to you in time and with much work and the occasional sacrifice. It’s rare that I talk about myself on here, at least referring to things that I’ve done, but it’s not everyday that something like this, something that I’ve wanted for so long, happens. Congratulations to all those who have graduated and are moving on with their lives. Here’s hoping the class of 2014 will be one the world remembers for a long time. 



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