Catching up

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well, trying to find a job for one, going to the movies, crafting a story that’s been milling around in my head for a while, basically staying creative. In putting my efforts towards other things in life I’ve gone and neglected my little blog here, but I hope to post some more things on a bit more of a constant schedule. I’ll begin by going over some of the movies I’ve seen lately.

I’ll start with the most recent one in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Many people are praising this film for doing something that a lot of sequels fail to do when it comes to big budgeted franchises and that’s tell a story that actually has something to say instead of just relying on bigger sets, grander effects and more massive explosions (I’m looking at YOU Transformers). Indeed, Dawn manages to tell a story that moves the overall story of the franchise along with out insulting the intelligence of its audience while being entertaining also. While I don’t think it’s better than the first movie, I do think it stands shoulder to shoulder with its predecessor. I also think other film makers, studios and writers would do well to see what the Apes franchise is doing by putting care and effort to tell the story it’s telling without relying solely on big non stop action or stuff constantly blowing up every five seconds. This film has heart and a soul, something A LOT of films this summer seem to be missing.

Case in point, Transformers 4. Now anyone going into this thinking they’re going to get high quality entertainment deserves to be disappointed. Optimus prime is ridging a robotic dinosaur…do I even need to say anything else as far as story is concerned? What was promised to be a more, gritty, real (or as real as you can get) world approach to the transformers universe just winded up being more of the same thing. I’m not saying i’m disappointed with the movie, I just wanted something different, like what was promised, instead of the same old Michael Bay fare we’ve gotten the last few movies. I still rank Dark of the Moon as the best of all the movies because it seemed like some kind of effort was put forward into making something that was as big as it was hyped to be. Transformers 4 seemed to me to be nothing new in originality or quality. It’s good for what it is, which is a summer popcorn movie, but at least try to do something new with an aging franchise that’s starting to show just how old it’s becoming.

Meanwhile, you can count the X-Men franchise among those that have had new life breathed into it. Days of Future Past was a welcomed return to form to both the franchise and Brian Singer. With Days, Singer essentially said, “Let’s just pretend X3 never happened? Okay? Okay.”  As matter of fact, with the exception of First Class, Days retcons everything that had come before. What singer managed to do with Days was provide some much needed emotional depth and more importantly STORY to a wilting X-Men universe. While the movie version of Days was vastly different compared to the comic counterpart the story was inspired from, in the end it did what was needed to make the X films relevant again. Hardcore X fans (those familiar with the comics) may not love Days of Future Past, and I totally get the dislike, but even they have to admit its better than the trite and forgettable X3.

The last big movie of the summer hast to be Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It all kinds of fun and I can’t wait to see it. Also, Luc Besson’s Lucy looks to be a fun ride too. I’m looking forward to checking that out. 



  1. Ugh bite your freaking tongue that X-Men was less disappointing than Transformers 4. More of the same? Nothing new? Like Optimus being cold and mean wasn’t new? And Days puts more life into X-Men???? Are you kidding me? Screw that mess. *kicks Lex down the stairs*

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