Most anticipated movies for the summer of 2015

This summer seems to be lacking in the fare of big time movies I’m interested in. This will probably be the least active summer movie season for me in a long time. When I unveil my list of most anticipated movies of the summer it’s usually, if not long, than at least a handful to keep me occupied for the summer months. I really can’t say that this year though. Still, in keeping with tradition…

bhbpfau35meacxkfrr051.This year I think almost every summer blockbuster movie nut can agree that THE movie to see and on everyone’s waiting list is the latest release in Marvel’s flagship franchise Avengers movies. The anticipation level for Avengers Age of Ultron is at a fever pitch with little more than a couple weeks to go before it hits theaters. Our band of heroes regroup to go against Tony Stark’s pet project turned worst nightmare in Ultron (comic book heads know this is a huge deviation from the original storyline involving Ultron, but Tony Stark, as the MCU stands now, makes the most sense to be the one to have created him). The trailer and clips surrounding the movie makes it look like Joss Wheedon and co. have amped up the action to a whole other level while keeping with the trademark tongue-in-cheek, light heartedness we’ve come to expect from the marvel movies. It’s a safe bet this will be the film to be used as the measuring stick for all other so-called blockbusters to have to live up to and definitely the one to beat.

terminator-genisys-motion-poster2. I went back and forth With Terminator and Jurassic World as which one should be second on my list, but ultimately falling on Terminator Genisys based on the crazy and all too spoilery trailer released today. My interest is now very high on the story this movie has to present and how it fits in with the other movies that came before it…or if it even does. I’m also looking forward to Emila Clarke’s transition from the mother of Dragons to the mother of the future savior of mankind as Sara Connor and whether or not she has the gravitas to pull off a performance to separate herself from Linda Hamilton and even her Game of Thrones co-star, Lena Headey in their portrayals of Sara.

jurassic-world-poster3. Jurassic World is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise and while the premise is old there’s enough newness in it for me to look forward to it. It’ll be nice to see what an actual working park full of dinosaurs looks like. Not to mention seeing how domesticated raptors work with people. That’s a strange but intriguing idea if any. And my long time crush on Bryce Dallas Howard doesn’t hurt in the anticipation of this film for me either.

entourage_movie_poster_14. Finally coming in fourth and last on my list is the Entourage movie. Hey, the ladies had Sex and the City move to the big screen, it’s only right that the guys have their version of that show graduate to the theaters too. Can’t wait to see what the boys have been up to since the series ended, and lets face it, how will it not be good to hear Ari say, “Let’s hug it out, bitch.” in the theater?


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